A natural match for the complexity of human disease.

Modern medicine struggles to keep pace with the emergence, mutation, and diversity of disease. The body’s natural defense system produces polyclonal antibodies against invaders such as viruses, allergens, bacteria, toxins, and other pathogens.
SAB Biotherapeutics has developed a first-of-its-kind therapeutic engine—unleashing the power of the body’s native biological defense system to produce immunotherapies that truly match and overpower the complexity, diversity, and evolution of human disease.
This new class of immunotherapies opens the door to new medicines that are safer, more effective, and longer lasting than current antibody therapies.
The sophistication of science.
The genius of nature.
Through remarkable genetic engineering, we’ve developed the DiversitAb™ platform to harness the native human antibody immune response. Our novel therapeutic engine can produce medicines—human polyclonal antibodies—for a broad array of pathogens to treat modern health challenges such as seasonal influenza, Type 1 diabetes, and cancers.
Advanced engineering and a refined suite of technologies optimized over nearly two decades
Broad therapeutic reach in autoimmunity, infectious disease, inflammation and oncology
will never be the same.
No other immunotherapies so fully capture the power of the human humoral immune response with natural synergistic targeting to the complexity of disease. Our therapeutic engine is capable of rapidly generating fully human polyclonal antibodies at commercial scale, armed against targeted pathogens.
Natural, custom, high-potency immunotherapies with superior safety profile
Longer-lasting, broad spectrum activity compared to current antibody therapies
Lead Programs
Ready for rapid response.
When only we can.
The unmatched speed and sophistication of our platform means we can address global health threats in ways no one else can. We’re ready to respond quickly to epidemic-level pathogens, and we’re already developing treatments for some of the world’s most eminent health threats.
Recognized as the only therapeutic platform to address priority pathogens by the World Health Organization
Rapid-response capability to produce a countermeasure to a new pathogen as quickly as 90 days
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